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5 Things to Do with Your Grandparents this Grandparents’ Day

Sunday October 27 is National Grandparents Day in Australia, a day for showing appreciation to the grandparents and older people in our families and communities. 

The wisdom, love and care we receive from older generations is so special, and their connections with our little ones can be so precious.  

Here are five ways to bring everyone – from the youngest to the oldest – together this Grandparent’s Day:

Host story hour

There’s nothing better than story time, especially when the story is true! Ask children to come up with some questions for their grandparents, sit together with a cup of tea, and settle in to learn more about those ‘olden days’.   

Make a family recipe together

Whether it’s a long-lost shortbread recipe or the gnocchi you still make every week, everyone has a family recipe to share. Recreate it in the kitchen before enjoying your masterpiece for lunch or dinner. 

Indulge in some art time

Forget the homemade card – why not pick up a cheap canvas from a discount shop? Your child and their grandparent can create a work of art together and hang it up on a wall to remember their happy memory.   

Throw a mini concert

Pick a song from the older generation and one from 2019. Little ones and grandparents can sing together, share memories and show off some moves!  

Adopt a grandparent

A grandparent doesn’t necessarily have to be blood related. Reach out to your local nursing home to see if you can connect with someone in honour of Grandparents Day – especially those who may have no family members in the area.  

 Wishing you a beautiful weekend with your loved ones!