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The child care benefits no one talks about

The child care benefits no one talks about


People can be quick to mention the downsides of child care, or launch into mum-guilt territory; but the reality is that child care is an essential element for many modern families, and there are some significant benefits that may get overlooked. 

Whether it’s the friendships little ones make, or the wider educational benefits, there’s a lot to be said for enrolling children in an education and care centre that’s perfect for them.   

If you’re feeling any possible guilt or stress about your child attending one of The Learning Sanctuary’s centres, why not consider some of the following? 

The extra-curriculars 

From yoga to animal experiences and dress-up days, our centres never stop coming up with fun ideas for children. These are often inspired by the children’s individual interests, along with current events and, of course, the curriculum. 

There might be cooking demonstrations organised for one day, and an excursion booked in for the next. Fire fighters may come and visit, or animals that go far beyond regular household pets. 

As a result, children’s experiences are far wider and more engaging than what may be offered at home, as hard as parents may try to come up with unique activities and adventures.  

The experiences 

Not all families can afford the latest in high-tech, educational toys. Not everyone has time to set up and supervise messy play options that may leave paint all over the house. And not everyone has the opportunity to expose their children to things like music and different languages.  

Education and care is all about learning through play, and by attending a centre, children have the opportunity to develop all kinds of essential skills – all while being engaged, getting creative and having fun.   

The flexible hours

The Government Child Care Subsidy makes early learning more affordable for many Australians, and with flexible hours offered by The Learning Sanctuary, families have the freedom to choose which hours best suit their needs. 

At our centres, you can choose from our nine-hour, ten-hour or full day sessions, reducing out of pocket costs and increase access to subsidised hours – making life easier for busy families.    

The relationships  

Everyone has heard the old sentiment that it takes a village to raise a child; but in this modern age, it can be harder to find that village.  

Through early learning, families often find the ideal place to connect with each other and build their ‘tribes’. Centres offer regular social and educational events to bring parents, educators and children together, with everyone encouraged to attend.   

The socialisation  

Without education and care, young children can have circles limited to immediate family and friends. By attending a centre, little ones become exposed to many more children, along with educators, allowing them to learn about developing relationships.  

This all helps with developing social and emotional skills. By age three, a child’s brain has developed to 80 per cent of its adult size – and it’s the interactions, relationships and experiences that will stimulate brain connections.  

Educators support children in understanding, labelling and self-regulating their emotions; they also encourage friendships and negotiate conflict, setting children up for success as learners and generally easing future transitions.  

The learning – of course!  

Sometimes a home environment can be a little too chaotic to spend a lot of time focusing on learning. Or it’s hard to know exactly what to do in order to set your child up for success.   

All early childhood educators at The Learning Sanctuary are trained professionals, meeting qualification requirements, from Certificate 3 through to Diplomas and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education qualifications. They follow a government-approved learning framework and a code of ethics that focuses on education and care.  

This means they know how to support children to be creative and curious; to problem-solve, challenge themselves and develop resilience as they persist with new learning. 


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