The Learning Sanctuary

Glorious Glitter Globes

Swirling, sparkling captivating glitter globes, a favourite for young and not so young. Let your children’s creativity shine with this excellent craft activity.


  • Glass jar
  • Baby Oil
  • Stickers – we used puff stickers
  • Glitter
  • Pearls
  • Super glue



  1. Choose which stickers you would like to use, open the jar and press the stickers onto the inside of the jar
  2. Half fill the jar with baby oil
  3. Add in the pearls and the desired amount of glitter
  4. Super glue around the rim of the jar lid and screw on tight
  5. Now shake, shake, shake and enjoy all the colours and sparkles from your glorious glitter globe!


  • Mason Jars would work well for this craft activity
  • A water and Glycerine mix can be used instead of baby oil
  • Colourful beads could be used instead of pearls

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