The Learning Sanctuary

Why you’ll love Kindyhub

At The Learning Sanctuary we understand sending your child to early education is a big decision. You want to ensure that your child receives the very best care, education, nutrition and is supported emotionally, mentally and physically. Communicating with our families is of utmost importance to us to ensure you have peace of mind that your child is being nurtured, socialised and taught every day. 

Communication is Key

To ensure you are a part of your child’s early education we have launched Kindyhub; a new app with the ability to email and send push notifications to your smartphone or email with details of your children’s day, including photos and the learning outcome’s they’re achieving.

The Benefits

Kindyhub has numerous benefits for both you and our educators, to ensure they have the time to focus on your child. Kindyhub:

  • Allows our educators to capture moments of your child’s day and send them straight through to you
  • Acts as an organiser to ensure all messages are communicated to families about events and activities taking place
  • Enables reporting and observations to be sent directly to you via the app or email and
  • Takes the communication between our educators and families to a whole new level.

What Parents Are Saying

“ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC guys.  Great photos of my kiddies every day. So informative the learning stories and my eldest loves looking at the photos at home with mum and dad and telling us all about his friends.  And I think it helps him to tell us what he has been up to for the day. He gets excited and loves knowing that we can SEE what he’s been doing while we are at work. Just fantastic thank you so much” – Holly

“This is awesome. All the information all the photos thank you. We love it.” – Loryn

“I love this SO much. The photos and brief stories are fun to read and lets me see what they all get up to. Keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to many more memories.” – Juliana

“Thanks so much for sharing the photos. That’s lovely to see Ash joining in with the group, especially show and tell.” – Michelle

With a secure, private login Kindyhub will complement your face to face interactions with our wonderful educators who give their all to educate and care for your children. Contact your Centre Manager today to learn more about The Learning Sanctuary’s improved communication with families through Kindyhub.

Exciting updates coming in 2017

We’re always looking to improve on our app and we’ve already got some great things coming in 2017. For example detailed reports means all details such as meals, rest times etc will be sent directly to your phone.


A new section will also be included on your app as ‘Family Story’. This section will enable you to share stories of the experiences that your child has outside the centre and share it with your educators.


To read more information about Kindyhub, please click here.