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Kindergarten & Preschool

Kindergarten & Preschool Program

As your child starts to approach four years of age we are all faced with the challenging decision of where to enrol them for that all important Kindergarten/Preschool year to prepare them for their first critical year of school.

At the core of our Program is the curriculum. This provides the framework around which all of our learning activities are structured.

These activities are delivered by fully qualified teachers and educators using specific learning contexts that are designed to maximise learning outcomes.

In addition, our Program is supplemented by extracurricular enrichment activities provided by specialist teachers visiting the service on a scheduled basis.

Our aim is to ensure that each and every child that graduates from our Kindergarten/Preschool Program is fully prepared for their next educational step.

Download our Kindergarten or Preschool e-Book to find out more about our exceptional program.

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