‘The Two of Us’: Kira and Lindy from The Learning Sanctuary, Morningside

At The Learning Sanctuary, we’re proud to be shaping future generations. G8 Education, who owns and operates our centres, is also proud to have over 11,000 team members who work together to ensure that children receive quality care and education across Australia. 

This series puts the spotlight on the relationships our team members have with each other, along with how they share knowledge and support to pursue their passions for early childhood education.

Kira & Lindy are from The Learning Sanctuary Morningside, a brand new centre in Brisbane. Below, they share what has inspired them throughout their professional journeys, what they love about the Morningside team, and how they support each other day to day.

Kira – Centre Manager 

“I’ve been working in early childhood education for 13 years. I was inspired by my mother, who runs an additional care unit within her school, where she supports the most vulnerable children to get the best care. There’s never been a child she couldn’t help. If I’m half the educator she is, I’m doing a good job!

What I love about the team at Morningside is that we all have the same philosophy when it comes to caring for children. We all believe that children deserve respect and a caring relationship from their educators.

Having Lindy by my side has proved to be invaluable support. I can share the workload and not have to feel the need to control everything that is happening. We know what the other is doing without much conversation, and we are confident in each other’s abilities. It’s great to have someone to work with that you know has your back; you can be a united front for staff, parents and children.

My most important piece of advice for others in the sector is that there’s no one rule for all children. Don’t treat all children the same, they are all unique and should be treated as such. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for help with anything you are unsure about how to handle or approach – whether it be from a fellow educator with a different perspective, or a mentor who is full of ideas.”


Lindy – Assistant Centre Manager 

“I’ve spent close to seven years in early childhood education settings. I have always loved children, but originally started in a Bachelor of Architecture before realising that I needed to follow my passions. I swapped to a Bachelor of Education degree and never looked back again!

I love that at Morningside, the entire team believes in the same educational philosophies about how to build strong relationships and attachments with children. It gives children the secure base and sense of identity they need before extending their learning pathways.

Kira and I are both new to the management side of early childhood education and are continuing to learn as we go. We bounce ideas off each other, step in for each other where needed, and share our passion for children and learning.  Our working relationship has given me the confidence to give anything a go. Having that support and trust reminds me that I have the knowledge and skills for success, and I can jump in and manage where possible.

For those looking to further their career in early education, don’t be afraid to step in! Have fun and share the enjoyment of the role together with the children in your care. Be flexible, go with the flow and let children be children.”


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