The Learning Sanctuary

Longer hours, free-flow play & fun: What parents love about Morningside

There’s a lot to love about The Learning Sanctuary’s brand new centre in Morningside. From the array of fresh resources to the free-flow nature of the play areas, it’s the ultimate space to inspire and educate children. 

Add in a range of facilities that make life easier for parents, and you have the perfect place for busy Brisbane families to settle in and experience a truly nurturing learning environment.  

Here are seven of the things that parents like best about The Learning Sanctuary Morningside…  

 The longer hours 

Open longer than traditional centres, Morningside operates five days per week from 6:30am to 7pm, 52 weeks of the year.  

Families can choose flexible care options, including nine-hour, ten-hour and full-day sessions, in order to make the most of the Child Care Subsidy and opt for the hours that suit best. 

For nine-hour and ten-hour sessions, grace periods also apply within the centre’s normal operating hours, allowing for those days when life doesn’t quite go to plan.  

 The free-flow play areas 

Being a brand new centre, Morningside has been purpose-built and architecturally designed with carefully crafted spots to inspire all kinds of play-based exploration. 

Children can explore the multi-level climbing house, hide out in the teepees, test out the woodworking benches, engage in water play or go for a dig in the sandpits. 

The educators here encourage no boundaries for children, allowing them to explore spaces and feel a sense of belonging. Without restrictions for where they can play, children can be in a true state of flow – and that is what takes learned skills from short-term memory to long-term!  

 Supporting children’s wellbeing 

Rest assured that educators at Morningside believe in having a deep connection with each child in order to support their emotional and physical wellbeing.  

 By providing an environment for self-discovery and self-learning, while appreciating each individual child’s self-identity, the centre aims to set children up for life-readiness. 

In short, educators care about your child – a lot more than parents may even realise.  

 The in-house chef 

There’s no need to spend time on a Sunday night thinking about children’s lunchboxes for the week at child care. Morningside offers up a delicious, nutritionally balanced menu, prepared fresh in-house daily by their chef.  

Catering for all dietary requirements and well-aware of fussy taste buds, little tummies will finish the day both happy and healthy.  

 The open-ended resources 

Get ready for your child to be immersed in an environment full of materials that inspire imaginative play and encourage creativity.  

 Children can also sharpen their literacy and numeracy skills with a variety of apps on the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard, the Touch Learning Tables and computers.  

 The extra-curricular activities

The Morningside team know that parents don’t always have the chance to schedule extracurricular activities for their children. With all-inclusive activities offered up as part of The Learning Sanctuary’s opportunities, children have the opportunity to learn another language, participate in a sports program or learn about the environment through the centre’s sustainability program.  

 What else is included 

Nappies. Wipes. Bed linen. An app that keeps you updated on your child’s learning with daily photos. It’s all sorted for you at Morningside – all you need to bring is your child!  


The Learning Sanctuary Morningside opens January 13, 2020, and tours are available now. Book in to see the centre by contacting our Family Support Specialist team on  1800413868 , or check out more about the centre here.