The Learning Sanctuary

Preparing your child for school

From very early on, you have provided your child with opportunities to explore, discover their interests, develop self-awareness, observe those around them, tackle change and build resilience. These are all treasured moments in your child’s life and build on further opportunities they will experience in their learning journey. Experiences in their Kindergarten or Preschool year will impact their primary years, teenage years and into adulthood.

There are so many elements in preparing your child for school for example literacy and numeracy skills, social skills and how to become independent learners. Our Kindergarten and Preschool programs are taught by Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers and qualified educators who create the foundations for school success. But they cannot do this without your support and assistance.

How can you help with school readiness?

There are several activities that you can undertake with your child that will have a positive effect on their development and promote school readiness. These include:

  • Reading with your child
  • Teaching them songs and nursery rhymes
  • Playing with letters and numbers
  • Taking children on excursions
  • Creating regular opportunities for them to play with their friends and other children

How can you learn about school readiness?

Your child’s Kindergarten or Preschool teacher is there to support you. At any time you can see the progress of your child’s journey and ask as many questions as you like. The Kindergarten and Preschool program is designed to support your child’s learning and regular updates on your child’s progress will assist you to understand where they are at and what you can do to help. This is achieved through

  • Regular parent/teacher meetings
  • University trained teachers
  • Parent information nights
  • Transition to school reports
  • Networking with the local schools that your child will attend

As the old African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child”. Parents are the first teachers that a child has to teach them about the world that surrounds them. Early Education is a fundamental support system not only for learning but for the growth and emotional development of each child. Together parents and educators are capable of reinforcing each child’s sense of being, belonging and becoming.

A Kindergarten or Preschool program will further provide your child with the confidence and skills needed to best prepare them for school and beyond. For more on our programs read our blog Kindergarten and Preschool programs – getting your child ready for the next step”.