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Supporting Children Through Unexpected Events

Life doesn’t always go to plan. From time-to-time families and children may face challenging or unexpected events, incidents and changes. Thankfully these are rare. But knowing how to talk to your child about such events in an age-appropriate way can be helpful for them, and you.

G8 Education has drawn on the expertise of child psychology and early childhood education professionals to develop a suite of resources families might find helpful when they need it most. Here you will find information and tips that can help you talk to children about unexpected events, and also services that can provide more support. 

We can help children to navigate challenging events in their lives by ensuring they feel supported, both by their families and their educators. If you or your child are going through a difficult time, talk to your centre manager and educators about how we can work together and support you. 

Changes to your child’s early learning centre may make your child feel unsettled. Here is how to support them when changes happen, and help them adapt to changes.

Losing a loved one can mean a deeply emotional and upsetting time for children. Read our advice on how to support your young child through this difficult time.

Natural disasters can be traumatic and devastating for children, their families and broader communities. Here’s how to protect children and provide support.

Growing up in an environment where there is family violence can have a profound impact on a child’s well-being. Here is how to protect you and your child when you need help.

Knowing how to talk to your child about serious incidents in an age-appropriate way can be very helpful. Read our advice on how to support your child through such events.

Family separation or divorce brings significant changes to a child’s life. Read our advice on how to help your child navigate through this potentially challenging time.