The Learning Sanctuary

8 Things That Blew My Mind About The Learning Sanctuary Brighton

Written by Sabrina Rogers-Anderson

I recently took my twins for a “stay and play” at The Learning Sanctuary Brighton. They played in the brand-new, state-of-the-art early learning centre while I worked in the parents’ room and enjoyed the in-house chef’s delectable creations. It was unbelievable. Take me back! 

There were so many things that blew my mind about this cutting-edge centre.

Here are 8 of the most amazing features of The Learning Sanctuary Brighton. 

childcare centre

1. The architectural design

As you walk through the front gate towards the entrance of the ultra-modern building, you can’t help but stop and gawk at the striking Red Treehouse that juts out from the second floor. Shaped like a real house, it’s crafted from clear and red glass and features natural timber flooring. 

The treehouse is the first clue that architectural and design experts were called upon to create the centre,. That impression is instantly confirmed when you enter the building. Every indoor and outdoor space in the centre has been carefully designed to create a modern and inviting early learning experience. 


2. The purpose-built play spaces

The design of the centre is stunning, but it’s far from being based solely on aesthetics. Every area was purpose-built to support children’s development. The nursery rooms are so cosy with their plush rugs and soft furnishings for tummy time. They also have a range of natural toys, play gyms and activity cubes to stimulate little bodies and minds. 

The toddler rooms have different stations for creative arts, construction, dramatic play, literacy and numeracy, and sensory play. Whether children are keen to paint a masterpiece in the art corner or to chill out in the sensory tepee and discover the different textures of the objects hidden inside, there’s no end to their fun (and learning!). 

The kindergarten rooms have several activity stations ranging from a play kitchen where children can cook up a storm, to a construction zone where they can build a tower and knock it down. They also feature the latest learning technology, but I’ll get to that later. 


outdoor play

3. The Outdoor Environments

As if the indoor areas weren’t impressive enough, I literally gasped when I stepped outside. The outdoor spaces are enormous, surrounded by calming trees and greenery, and carefully designed to encourage exploration and learning through play. There are sandpits, water play areas, construction and ride-on toys. Not to mention, plenty of natural nooks and crannies to discover. I was just thinking that I could stay there all day when I caught a whiff of the delicious smells wafting out from the kitchen… 


4. The in-house chef and his food

 Mario is the centre’s unbelievably talented in-house chef and he LOVES to make food… really delicious and healthy food. I ate and ate and ate some more while I was there, and so did my girls. They gobbled up all his tasty creations and demanded seconds. From beautiful biscuits to mouth-watering pasta dishes, his menus are nutritionally balanced and incredibly moreish. Yum. 


educator and child

5. The warm and nurturing educators  

I knew the educators at the centre were highly qualified and experienced, but what I didn’t expect was their level of care and dedication. Not only do they live and breathe early education, they love the children like their own. They took my girls under their wings and had them feeling comfortable and settled in no time. It was a true pleasure to watch them work – they’re so passionate about nurturing little minds to grow and develop. 


toys, play

6. The open-ended toys

I was amazed by the quality of all the toys and resources at the centre. Every room is equipped with natural, open-ended toys that are designed to inspire imaginative play and creativity. Rather than dictating the game like flashing, beeping plastic toys do, they allow children to make up their own rules. 

Most of the toys and furniture are made from natural timber, creating a calming effect and ensuring the children aren’t exposed to harmful toxins. Children are naturally drawn to these beautiful heirloom-quality toys. They can spend hours imagining, creating, building and learning with them. 



 7. The early learning technology 

 The centre’s array of interactive learning tools is incredibly impressive. Children can sharpen their literacy and numeracy skills in preparation for school with a variety of apps on the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard (an interactive tool resembling a large TV) and the Touch Learning Table (like a large tablet that sits on the floor). 

They also have access to Bee-Bots (floor robots shaped like bees that teach literacy, science and numeracy) and the Primo Cubetto (a wooden robot that teaches computer coding).  Children have so much fun with these tools that they don’t even realise they’re learning! 



 8.The all-inclusive extracurricular activities

 With three young kids and a busy work schedule, I don’t have time for extracurricular activities and I sometimes worry my daughters are missing out. The brilliant team at the centre know how crazy mum life can be, so they’ve organised a range of extracurricular activities in-house! My girls had a chance to try out the Music Box music program and a yoga class while they were there, and they loved them both. The centre also offers dance, beach kinder, sport and a sustainability program to teach children new skills and support their development. 

The Learning Sanctuary Brighton is truly in a league of its own. You have to see it to believe it! 

Learn more about The Learning Sanctuary Brighton by visiting our website here or contact our Family Support Specialist team on 1800 413 868.