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5 Things to Do with Your Grandparents this Grandparents’ Day

Sunday October 27 is National Grandparents Day in Australia, a day for showing appreciation to the grandparents and older people in our families and communities.  The wisdom, love and care we receive from older generations is so special, and their connections with our little ones can be so precious.   Here are five ways to bring everyone – from …

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Challenge and risk in children’s play – Is it worth the Risk?

My favourite childhood memories are of doing things like climbing trees much higher than may be considered “safe”, taking my hands off the handlebars for short bursts whilst riding my bike, or using my dolls pram as transportation down the very steep hill on the road at the back of our house, just to name …

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International Friendship Day

Developing friendships and delighting in others is an important aspect of early childhood. Children’s friendships in early childhood are so much more than having someone to play with. Friendships provide a platform for children to practice their developing social interaction skills with the familiar responses of their friends. Through friendships, children can learn to negotiate, …

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