Hospital Incursion at Park Orchards

Recently the Preschool room at The Learning Sanctuary Park Orchards has been exploring the topic of doctors and hospitals. The children have been exploring this topic in their dramatic area through role play, transforming their area into a doctor’s office, researching and investigating during group time discussions and during creative experiences in the art area.

To support and extend on the children investigations Natasha from Life Spirals came and presented the children with a hospital incursion. This hands-on and well resourced program is designed to empower children and care for their emotional well-being in medical settings by introducing them to equipment, and allowing them to be in control of their experience.


First Natasha read the students a hospital themed storybook, to introduce to topic of conversation and investigating that was about to take place. Natasha took the children through an admission process to hospital using role play with a doll as the patient. Natasha then introduced various medical equipment that they would commonly find in a hospital or doctor’s office. Natasha held up a stethoscope  “That’s a stethoscope” said Anna-Maria. Natasha then asked the children what the stethoscope is used for? “They listen to your heart” added Anna-Maria.

Natasha then discussed different ways that medication can be taken. She showed the children an asthma puffer and demonstrated how to administer the medication. She also showed the children an IV and the process of administration. With all this new information the children were given an opportunity to play with the medical kits. The children dressed up in scrubs and doctors coats and used the dolls and their peers as their patients. Patrick placed the stethoscope on Penny’s heart, “It sounds like thunder” he described.


The children then gathered as group to reflect on what they had learnt and discuss their role play.  Penny asked the children “What was your favourite part of our hospital incursion?”

  • “Being a doctor” – Anna-Maria
  • “Playing with the puzzles” – Tiahni
  • “Playing doctors” – Aislin
  • “Making the ambulance puzzle” – Samuel


Our children learned the following EYLF Outcomes:

  • familiarity and comfort with medical equipment
  • respect for the body and personal space, of themselves and others
  • caring for self and others
  • increased confidence in medical settings
  • increased comfort with medical professionals
  • co-operation, and sharing of equipment
  • creation of a link to the health community